"Fighters" delves into the mental and emotional aspects of physicality through a personal journey with epilepsy and an interest in combat sports. "Bloodsugar" features a candy mouthguard melting into a blood-like substance, blending narrative film with exercise video on a vintage TV screen for a visceral experience of a performance piece.

The body of work includes film stills, MRI scans, and a self-portrait post-brain surgery, offering insight into the epilepsy journey. Two sets of oil paintings depict contrasting psychological aspects of fighting: one captures dynamic sport scenes in collectible formats reminiscent of religious icons, evoking ecstasy; the other portrays empowered, bloodied women challenging fighter stereotypes.

Lastly, ceramic sculptures, both raw and fired, freeze moments of impact, nodding to the imprints of illness and injury, revealing cracks akin to epilepsy's physical and emotional voids.