About my work;

My creative style is marked by a multidisciplinary approach, employing various tools such as film, photography, sculpture, performance, and painting to explore diverse themes in depth. At its core, my work emphasizes exploration and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, resulting in a tapestry of visual narratives that transcend medium limitations. 

My practice is rooted in constant exploration, with art as a catalyst for understanding and engagement with the world. This exploration is driven by my passion for process and methodology, often challenging personal limitations through collaboration and learning. My multidisciplinary approach involves the constant pursuit of novelty in materials and techniques, blending diverse visual styles, and engaging with craftsmen to uncover unconventional materials.

My practice is a meditation in process, material, and social dynamics. Each project undertaken is a study in humility, as I consciously place myself in the position of student. Engagement with materials is a leeway into exploration of societal facets, encompassing themes like the nature, environmental and true cost of labor and the social dynamics between self and others.

Celebrating the creative process is central to my work, infusing joy and playfulness into a world often dominated by obligations and challenges. A sense of levity and celebration of our material reality is always an undertone in my practice.

Each subject I undertake involves deep dives and may incorporate my physical presence in performance pieces. My approach, fueled by curiosity and a perpetual student mentality, propels my quest for knowledge. With every new series, I craft a unique world where the subject takes on distinct characteristics and its own visual narrative, broadening my understanding of craft, technique, and medium whilst pulling from recognizable visual styles and recurring color palettes that flow throughout my distict works.