Bedrock explores the impact of rapidly advancing science and technology on the erosion of traditional sense of self and culture-a whimsical journey into a caveman's light hearted dystopia.

This work dysects caves, which function as ancient hard-drives where tribal drawings and tapestries are stored data. They function as prehistoric back-up systems that preserve the physical and spiritual lives of Bushmen, who’s ancient archives chronicle early humanity’s evolution of culture and tradition.

Other ancient objects explored in these works (such as food containers and pots) visually connect to the present in their grid design, inspired by a mix of Tokyo's urban landscape and Burkina Faso's traditional mud huts. These pieces, a combination of hand and machine-crafted , celebrate the human’s unique capacity to create complex objects.

This series challenges the dominance of machine-assembled perfection, AI and technological advances that are shaping the future by celebrating the individuality inherent in craft and traditional manual labor.